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When it comes to access control, perhaps nobody knows better than high security prison staff, but we’d like to think that we come close here at Newmarket Lock & Key. Our access control systems company in Newmarket provides the best access control equipment, installation, and sales in the area. Whether you need high quality fingerprint entry devices, magnetic card security devices, or keyless entry options for your residential or commercial location; we can help.Access Control Newmarket

Home Security

Our specialized team of home security techs can operate together with incredible efficiency to offer you a streamlined experience, ensuring that any home security device you need will be installed quickly and professionally. You might be considering getting some home security equipment installed, and access control is one of the best ways to get it. With an access control device such as a magnetic keycard reader, access to your driveway can be restricted to only those who have the proper keycard to gain entry. This is just one of many ways that access control can become home security.

Commercial Access Control

With commercial locations, an access control system could be just what you need for extra peace of mind to protect your assets. A fingerprint scanning access control device would require the proper fingerprint from the exact person who created it to gain access to any location, whether that location is a room or a safe. This brings a high level of security to your commercial location and our team of commercial access control experts can provide you with great deals.

At Lock & Key Newmarket, we also offer professional access control repair services for those with preexisting access control systems in place that are in need of expert servicing. All of this is available to you at great prices, so why not give us a try today?  You won’t be disappointed when you choose us for Access Control in Newmarket.

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