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At Newmarket Lock & Key we believe homes are the one place on Earth that we can truly feel safe and secure, never worried about what’s happening on the outside. Can this be true when all you have is a deadbolt? Sure, it’s effective, but if someone wants to get in, they’re getting in. So what else can be done to keep your home or business safe and secure? We recommend having CCTV Systems installed. CCTV, or Closed Circuit TV, is a fancy way of referring to video surveillance. It allows you to see what you normally couldn’t see due to location or obstructions such as walls or buildings.CCTV Systems Newmarket

So how can Lock & Key Newmarket help you? Well, for starters, our experts can offer professional CCTV cameras sales and installation services. With surveillance cameras setup in the places you deem most effective, you’ll be able to keep a close watch on every entrance and exit to your home or business. Even better is the ability to record this video so that you can possibly identify any criminals caught in the act at a later time. In many cases you’ll even have time to catch criminals before they cause any damage and notify the proper authorities.

Of course, with many of our CCTV system installations, you can get motion sensors and light sensors that can make most criminals nervous. When coupled with other security equipment such as detectors on all doors and windows, your home or business becomes a veritable fortress of security.

Our security cameras installation is offered at great prices for residential and commercial customers alike. It’s also a great way to ensure the best security features for your home or business. With these cameras, your home or business is equipped with top of the line equipment that’s easy to use and easy to please.

You can’t go wrong with a good system for your small business or home, and if security means as much to you as it means to us, you’ll be eager to get your home or business equipped with CCTV systems in Newmarket today!

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