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Are you searching for pros who have the experience to fix a door closer in Newmarket, Ontario? Or, perhaps, replace an existing unit with a new automatic door closer? We’ve got great news for you! To get any service needed on door closers in Newmarket offices, warehouses, residences, firms, commercial facilities, and any other property, you just need to turn to our team. At Newmarket Lock & Key, we have experience with all types of door closers and are available for complete services.

In Newmarket, door closer installation and repair services

Aware of the diverse service needs, our company is ready to serve anyone who wants anything at all for a door closer across Newmarket. No matter what service you need, make contact with our team.

  •          Door closer repair. Although rare, problems may happen. But if they happen to you, remember that there’s a team nearby ready to cover the Newmarket door closer repair requests. Just contact us. Tell us what’s wrong. And give us the okay to send an expert your way.
  •          Door closer replacement. If we are talking about a broken or otherwise damaged door closer, it can be replaced. Is it urgent to have a damaged door closer replaced? Or, are you changing one of the doors and would like to change the door closer along with it? Whatever your case, turn to us.
  •          Door closer installation. New door closers are installed to perfection. Irrespective of whether you want an old unit replaced, are remodeling a property, or are moving to a new space, if you want door closer installation, you can depend on our team.
  •          Door closer maintenance. It’s wise to have a door closer occasionally checked. Even more, if we are talking about a commercial door closer in a busy facility. Should we send a pro to check the unit and all components, and do the needed fixes and adjustments? Let us know.

In our company, we are experienced with all door closer types and styles, for all types of doors. And continue to get updated. On top of that, the pros assigned to services are properly equipped and knowledgeable. Never worry about the quality of the door closer service, the cost, or how soon it’s provided.

Always entrust services to us to be sure of the results. If there’s anything at all you may need for a door closer, Newmarket specialists can come straight out. Contact us. Talk to us about your current door closer service needs.

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